It’s a jolly good time to be live! Wouldn’t you say so? You can buy just about anything you wish to, with T&C* of course. Never has there been a time where there was such a wide array of snacks, beverages, gadgets or even toiletries. For many of us, the supermarkets may be our second homes due to the time we spend there! We always keep coming back from the markets feeling more complete and well-equipped to face the week ahead.

As much we may love to, there are still some things that are just impossible to buy from supermarkets. But what if that changed? What if the things we really, REALLY wanted were also available in chota packets?!

    • Patience


We’re all of the belief that living fast is the way to be. And the core concept of living in that lane is none other than ‘instant gratification’. Unfortunately living by that philosophy will lead you to never accomplish things that really matter like dreams, success. These things can only be accomplished with the help of one key factor, among others – patience, the antithesis of YOLO.

    • Love Potion


Have you ever met anyone who hasn’t felt the hurt of unrequited love? There’s never been a person who hasn’t been scorned in love and has been confused with heartburn after a breakup. You may argue that dating apps help ease the pain, but face it, the ones you genuinely see a future with just don’t swipe right on you.

    • Talent


Guaranteed that talent is in everyone but no one can truly how much talent is in them; talent is pointless unless acquired through days or months of hard work and focus. But do you what would be cool? A supermarket section that sells limited-duration talent packs! ‘Be a guitar lord in a night’, ‘Juggle 5 balls for an hour’, ‘Rock 8 ball pool for one session.’  Sounds chill, dunnit?

    • Common Sense


As luck would have it, common sense is something that’s not common at all. Every day we come across insufferable people who could really do well with a big dose of common sense with a spoonful of basic logic. Common sense was a common commodity; it’d surely beat photo frames to become the new go-to gift option for birthdays, anniversaries and retirements.

    • True Friends

This one’s pretty self explanatory! Am I right or am I right! (: