There is always room for improvement. People often don’t realize just how much they neglected their relationship or how little they prioritized it until they lose it. After the breakup period, people tend to get themselves together and put in the effort to make themselves as appealing as possible. We take our partner for granted and accept as a given that they will always be there.

Here are 5 ways to keep and protect your relationship:

  • Get a sense of humor

If you or your partner are having a bad day, then go do something fun and goofy. Make each other laugh. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine.

  • Take care of your body

If you were single, you would want to look and feel your best. So, why is it people feel they can slack off when they land a mate? If you want to keep your partner interested and feel good about yourself, then hit the gym, go walk around the park or get involved in a sport.

  • Listen to your partner

Pay attention to your partner when they are speaking. Get off of Facebook, quit texting your buddy, pause the show you were watching and listen when your partner speaks. No one wants to feel ignored. If you zone out or check out while they are speaking to you, then they are going to get hurt and eventually they are going to stop trying to speak to you at all.


  • Embrace flexibility

Don’t get attached to a routine or schedule. Be ready to do something spontaneous or change your plans. Improvise, adapt and overcome. Being flexible reduces stress as you are ready to change directions at a moment’s notice.

  • Be a cheerleader

Rather than criticize and tear down your partner, build them up and encourage them to take risks. Be their number one cheerleader. Tell them they can accomplish their goals and encourage them to pursue their goals in the first place.