Ever wondered what movies would be liked by the maker of super hits like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Ney York, Ek tha Tiger etc.? Well every person in our country has list of movies which they consider special (as movies are life-line of Indians). Directors are no exception! Here we have list of 5 movies that director Kabir Khan considers his cinematic influences!

1) Bobby

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It was the first film for which director walked inside theater. Accompanying his mother, he says that he does not remember much about the film but he remembers the feeling he got while he walked inside a big dark room and seeing a giant screen coming alive!

2)Amar Akbar Anthony

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Here the director shares that his mother was a big movie buff and this was the movie which he saw twice. At that point in time, movies of Amitabh Bachchan were rage. He further tells that Manmohan Desai was a great influence at the time he was growing up and this film was relesed. Moreover, he shares in the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan, where ‘munni’ gets her voice back is a Manmohan Desai moment for him!

3) Chashme Buddoor

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As a kid Kabir was inclined towards the action movies which had fight sequences and he used to think that movies without fight scenes are boring. When he was invited to watch ‘Chashme Buddoor’ he never wanted to watch that film because he thought that the actor ‘Farooq Shaikh’ is not someone who could pull off fight sequences. But after he watched that film, his mind totally changed and he came to terms with the fact that in order for a film to be a hit, it does not necessarily has to be action-packed!


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He tells us that this movie had great influence on people in India and on personal level, this movie had done something to him that had remained to him till now. He used to live near the place where funeral scene of “Mahatma Gandhi” was being shot in this flick. When he saw hundreds of people in trucks getting there to play roles of extras, he was awestrucked! He told the authorities that he also want to be a part of that crowed but he was denied as he was wearing bright colored t-shirt. He went running to his home, changed his tee and finally got chance to stand among those hundreds of people and he says that moment was one of the most memorable moment of his life!

5) Sholay

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Kabir Khan says “yes it is a big cliché but that movie was love”. Pure joy to watch, this film has made its characters of life time. ‘Samba’ became samba for rest of his life, ‘Gabbar’ became a badie for the rest of his life and many more characters to name. He says that every character was career defining character in this flick and this is the movie from which one can take out any random scene and enjoy it as it is, without a need to know the back story.