#1 Stairway To Heaven

Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV, 1971

Jimmy Page the lead guitarist of the legendary classic rock band Led Zeppelin winged the outstanding solo for the song “Stairway To Heaven”. Jimmy apparently recorded three solos during the song production and definitely the best solo was structured in the song.


#2 November Rain

Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion I, 1991

Slash the guitar maestro played one of the most melodic solo in the history of rock for this song. The demo session of the song only included a Piano and an Acoustic Guitar. The solo in the original song was an entirely different which came out of Slash’s Les Paul.


#3 One

Metallica …And Justice for All 1988

There are amazing guitar players but only few can give an orgasm to the ears. Kirk Hammett is one of those few incredible guitarists. Initially, Hammett was really frustrated while recording solos for this song but later he used all his frustrations into an amazing guitar lick. For all those guitarists who haven’t heard this solo, please lend your ears to this cachet.


#4 Hotel California

The Eagles Hotel California, 1976

The song which is there on everyone’s playlist. This solo makes every young aspiring guitarist open to intricate harmonies. Joe Walsh the man behind this amazing piece was majorly responsible for helping laidback Eagles to gain limelight.


#5 Crazy Train

Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz, 1981

Some solos are good whereas some of them are MAD. Randy Rhoads ripped this amazing solo for his bands first album. This solo had 4 backing guitar tracks. The production team reports that Randy was very quick when it came to recording solos. He recorded the solo for crazy train only in 3 takes.


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