Whenever it comes to locations offering online poker in India in 2022, there is a figurative ocean of options to choose from. Since poker is among the most well-known card games in the world, the Indians’ fondness for the pastime shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Simply typing “play poker” into the search engine will bring up a list of the different poker venues that are available. Simply give them a call. Even though poker tournaments have only been held here for a short period of time, there is a growing interest in playing at online poker sites.

The number of people playing poker online in India is consistently high, and the sites themselves are expanding rapidly. A significant number of Mojoo poker pool players get their fix by competing in a selection of the numerous online poker events that are run all through the year.

Try these top 5 apps to play poker online and win cash.

1. GetMega

The platform for real-money gaming, known as GetMega is owned by Megashots Internet Private Limited, which is also the name of the firm that manages the website. GetMega’s user interface and user experience are widely considered to be the best in the industry, and the site’s player pool is composed completely of real humans rather than bots or other types of fraudulent gamers.

GetMega keeps the leaderboards updated around the clock, allowing players the chance to win up to one million rupees (Rs. 1,000,000) per month. You have the chance to choose the Rummy game on GetMega that has the greatest buy-in for your level of competence. The minimum buy-in for Rummy games on GetMega ranges from 1 rupee to 2000 & 4000 rupees. GetMega offers a feature that allows users to withdraw their cash within just one minute, and so it permits withdrawals from all locations, including Bank Transfers, PayTM, & APIs. GetMega also has a feature that allows customers to withdraw funds from several sources simultaneously.

2. Mojoo Poker

Mojoo poker pool has consistently been at the top of my priorities whenever I think about playing poker online. Everyone is on the lookout for a second way to earn genuine money in addition to their primary occupation or existing business. Millions of people in India may take advantage of this feature offered by Mojoo poker pool to make real money by participating in online poker games. You can work your way up from playing poker as just a casual pastime to making it your full-time occupation. You can enjoy our online games whenever you choose, regardless of whether you play poker for fun or for real money at Mojoo poker pool. Both types of players are welcome!

3. GGpoker Android App

When it comes to playing poker games for actual money on Android, the GGpoker Android App is another one that is really popular. In 2022, the GGpoker mobile poker app has the most user-friendly interface because of its contemporary design and in-house developed Getting Gear system.

Right from the app, you have the ability to post your most interesting moments on social media (yeah, we all like to boast every once in a while). The “swiping” function, which is exclusive to this app, makes it very simple to switch between many tabs while in portrait or landscape mode. When you use the multi-table feature, you can participate in as many as four different games of poker for real money, all at the same time.

4. Spartan Poker

Whenever we want to play poker online, we always go to Spartan Poker first. They have the best games and customer service. Spartan Poker does not just offer players the opportunity to participate in online gaming, but they have also elevated the bar by organizing enormous tournaments for players, including the championship, which now has shattered records in a way that no other tournament in India has been able to do. It has a large number of players actively playing on its own platform, as well as having experienced a tendency toward growth, which entices gamers to play more of the game.

The online poker room Spartan Poker constantly has something new to provide its Indian customers and is full of surprises; players often find themselves wondering what the site will do next.

5. Gamezy Poker

Because of the one-of-a-kind poker features, Gamezy Poker is considered one of the top sites for people in India who are already interested in playing poker online. This online casino offers a wide variety of cash games with bets ranging from very low to very high. Gamezy also provides excellent poker tournaments, and the company guarantees that its platform is free of any fraudulent activity.

The security measures utilized by Gamezy Poker are among the most advanced currently available in the industry. Additionally, it provides new players with a welcome bonus, and those players have the opportunity to win a welcome bonus of up to Rs. 18,750. Gamezy additionally provides a referral bonus in exchange for you promoting your friends, and players who do so have the opportunity to win up to Rs.12,516.

You can download Mojoo poker pool or any other app and start playing poker to earn real cash without any investment.

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