Its is always said that a picture speaks thousands of words, we just need to observe, pictures speaks volume and we have some pictures that are worth looking.

Here we have a good collection of 30 captured pictures that are even without text but still reflex a deep meaning.

The spirit of learning in Palestine

Die with honour

Do not care or afraid as long as you are right or have not done anything wrong.

Height of courage

Freedom comes with a cost


Saving the image not the man

Some people act like they are helping you.

You don’t need to be complete or have it all before you help. You can still help from the little you have.

The most dangerous thing in the world, a fake friend.


Do not trust anyone. Everyone out there is somehow fake.

Know yourself before you judge others./p>

People always criticize other’s good deeds while they themselves are full of evilness.

Respect the men who are sacrificing their lives for giving us peaceful life every day.

You may know me, but you have no idea WHO I AM.

What people do most of the time

Sometimes stepping back might save you and the rest too

This moment will not be found on play store or any other app store. Childhood has been lost nowadays.

Dreams and aspirations


The child is different and the father is ashamed of it, so he is taking away his wings so the world will think he is normal.

Some give just to boast off or gain praise, some to really help others.

Relationship with humans lasts for ever, but with technology, it lasts just few hours.

Appreciate what you have. There are people who are praying for things you take for granted.


Mothers give you their whole heart, “love”, and fathers give you their brain, “teaches you”.

Love your parents no matter what. There are people who does not even have the opportunity to show it.

No one can make you happy except YOU

Life is not just all about money. Do not run for money. Run for happiness.

All are destroying this world (big boat), in order to build their own house