Friend is a companion of our with whom we can share things. It can be male and female. And now we are going to talk about female friends. They are a priceless gift given by god to us. But there are some varieties of these female friends.

1. Weeping one

Weeping one


She is a emotional creature made by god. Tears are hide in her eyes, when they see something heart touching these tears comes through her eyes.

2. Comedian



She is a good jock cracker according to situation and always make her friends laugh.

3. Overthinking friend

Overthinking friend


She is such a sweetheart of you whom you don’t want to see like this nor want to live like this. But still your good friend.

4. Flirty one

Flirty one


She never excepts that she is flirty. She likes every 2nd guy and want to know about her.

5. Serious one

Serious one


She is so strange. Don’t know where is going? What she is doing ? But still with you because of this nature. She don’t like to interact with other.

6. Crazy one

Crazy one


They love to do what they wanna do. Don’t think about results and causes.

7. Peeping one

Peeping one


Always wanna know what other people are doing ? Always busy in others business.

8. Legal advisor

Legal advisor


Always help you in taking most of the decision, and most of the time they work.

9. Career oriented

Career oriented


They are so tensed about their future and always want to see a growth in their career.

10. Book worm

Book worm


There most of the life is dedicated to books and they don’t have any problem in this. Books are their life.

11. Superstitious one

Superstitious one


The solution of all problem is… Let’s go and meet baba g.. They know how yo deal this… All problem is due to some devil soul… You can’t deal with them.

12. Chit chat box

Chit chat box


They are also known as gossip girls or women. And according to them it’s their birth right.

13. Show off

Show off


Always have something new for show off purpose. So lets don’t discuss about them because they are speechless.

14. Encyclopedia



They have the knowledge of all things. Within few seconds you will have the answer of your question.

15. Buttering



There way of work is little bit different. Always busy in buttering someone and taking their work.

16. Adventuress one

Adventuress one


Enjoy life with lots of experiments and don’t have any complain with life. Because what they want they get it by self.

17. Complaining one

Complaining one


They always pick people and their mistakes. And enjoy by complaining it to higher authority.

18. Tragedy queen

Tragedy queen


It seems like all problems are made for her or she loves problem but one thing is common. Always in trouble.

19. Foodie one

Foodie one


She can’t say no to things you order. Her weakness is food , food and only food.

20. Chocolate lover.

Chocolate lover


You can take out your work by bribing her with chocolates. And she always have a special pocket of chocolate in her bag.

21. Shy nature

Shy nature

Uffff… Please don’t talk about them. Otherwise she will start blushing that we are talking about her.

22. Action Jackson

Action Jackson


She might be daughter of Jackie Chan or any wrestler Or may be sister of Mary kom. Because she can give you punch anywhere.

23. Attention seeker

Attention seeker


Most of the girls love to seek attention . But this type is very different because of her nature. She can’t handle herself if someone else is taking it.

24. Hardworking



Everything in her life she wanna have it through her hard work. She work alot and get alot and never use shortcuts.

25. Immature one

Immature one


She is like a kid and her perfect definition is of a kid only. She don’t have knowledge about the angels and devils of this world.

26. Gadget lover

Gadget lover


She loves her mobile, tab alot more than anyone else. A single scratch can put you in a problem.

27. Pet lover

Pet lover


They just love dogs, cats , rabbits and others and also have funny funny name of there. They love them more than anyone else.

28. Parlour queen

Parlour queen


She loves to spend her pocket money or earning in beauty parlour and very conscious about her looks.

29. Careless one

Careless one


She is very careless about her belongings and you have to guide her but still there will be no change in her.

30. Your sister

Your sister1


Yup… She is your sister and she is your friend too with whom you can share many things.

31. Your beloved MOTHER

Your beloved MOTHER


She is your best friend forever. Protect you from every problem and always give you blessing. And the best thing best cook forever. Love you mom.