In the current climate, it can be difficult to find ways to increase the success of your business without a large monetary outlay or a huge reshuffle of resources. But taking a moment to assess exactly what resources you already have to hand may be a cost-effective way forward. Below are three simple, yet effective ways in which you can unlock the potential for your company to grow without breaking the bank.

Utilize your employee’s skill set

There is a reason that you hired those people over others. Maybe one impressed you with their initiative, or another has a fantastic way of unifying your staff? Whatever the reason that they became a successful candidate, now might be a good time to reflect on that. Another great way to decipher exactly where individual strengths lie is to bring the employees themselves into the conversation. People very often have hidden assets that may not have been directly needed for their role but could be easily transferred to another part of the business. Utilizing individual skills will not only increase productivity overall but negate the need to hire more staff to fulfil those duties, thus, becoming a more cost-effective solution.

What do your employees think of your business

Your employees are also the people who know your business better than anybody else. Using a survey from to find out exactly where your staff believe the strengths and weaknesses of the business lie is a fantastic way to accurately pinpoint how and where systems can be improved for optimal productivity. Giving a voice to employees has also been shown by studies to increase morale, making them feel valued and important members of the team, and, in fact, can also improve the bond between management and staff.

What do your employees need from you

Studies have shown that one of the major factors in increasing productivity in the workplace is the culture itself. Finding out what your employees need from you to create a positive and supportive ethos is paramount to improving the business overall. An environment that is enjoyable to be in will not only decrease work stress, allowing the team to work at an optimal level but will also create opportunities for stronger bonds to form. A workplace where employees feel comfortable and listened to when raising issues or grievances with management will foster the belief that the company sees its staff as individuals with particular needs rather than mere bodies in the chain of creation. 

All three of these suggestions to improve the success of the business lie in the idea that employees are given a voice in the running of it. As shown above, this will not only increase production, but it also gives the company the opportunity to create a positive and supportive workplace in which its employees are happy and much more likely to continue in their role long term, therefore maximizing their skill sets and strengths, resulting in an increase in output from all.

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