From Raj in Dilwale Dulhaina le jayenge to sholay Bollywood had dialogues for every Situation it is not just the filmy characters that we love, but also their dialogues that we can always relate to. Indeed, there are many relatable Bollywood dialogues that we can aptly use in certain situations.

#1. A kickass Response to Every Dumbest Question that your Besties Ask

#2. A Perfect Reply to Calm Down Your Friend

#3. When you are Unable to complete Syllabus one day before your Exam

#4. And the iconic Line by Shah Rukh Khan

#5. Baburao Swag style

#6. Perfect line During every Exam

#7. A Ultimate Dialogue if you don’t want your crush to friendzone you

#8. When your pocket money ban by your parents

#9. A must line when you Standing in a row to buy Pop corn

#10. A line for “poo” of your Group

#11. When you need water in hot sunny day

#12. Perfect line to tease those two best friend Enjoying together

#13. When your parents are panicking about your marriage

#14. When some one compliments you

#15. When salary has been credited

#16. When your irritating neighbour is continuously bragging about his new car

#17. A best anthem for every Intern

#18. When mom continuously ask you to do something

#19. When your best is living the house

#20. When teacher gives you Homework for Holidays

#21. When some ask “how are you”