Dance is something that make me happy in every situation, From school to college functions, from ‘aunty ko wo step kar ke dikhao’ to ‘can you show me the jazz and blade hands again’, it was something that made me proud, a part of myself that I just can’t live without.

If you are also a Dance lover so here we go, Today we have some Dance quotes for you…


Every time  I dance, I turn  into a better  version of me.


Dance is a way  to find  yourself, and  lose  yourself, at the  same time.


Dance  to express, not to  impress.


Put music  to your trouble  and you will find  a way to dance  them away.


They  call it dance, I call it life.


There are  a few short cuts  to happiness,  and dancing is  one of them.


Don't look at  your feet to see if  you are doing it  right, just dance.


To dance is  to be out of  yourself. Larger,  more beautiful, more powerful.


She  danced, to  forget him.


When you  dance with your  heart, your feet  follow.


Dance accepts  me.


If your  are a dancer, "and" is a  number.


No pain,  no gain.


There is no  greater feeling than moving to a piece  of music and  letting the rest of the  world disappear.


Dance is the  only way I know to  express my emotions  when words don't  do justice to them.


My body is a canvas; filled with lines and strokes of various lengths.


Take more  chances, dance more  dances.


Point. Flex. Repeat. Till it is better than perfect.


I don't need wings to fly. I dance.


You wanna  see how music  looks like? Watch me  dance!