When we discuss sexual harassment, as a matter of course we assume it to be an instance of a man grabbing a woman without her desire or making her uncomfortable by tying to do something that is inadmissible. Be that as it may, have we at any point considered what goes on the opposite side? Even men get harrased. Even they have stories to tell.

In the midst of the entire #MeToo movement gaining control over the Internet, there have been a great deal of women coming up and sharing their stories. While women talked up about how men made them uncomfortable, we ran over a few men on Reddit, who expounded on how they were harassed or made to feel uncomfortable by women.
Here are things that men talked up about being harassed and it will send a chill down your spine:

“I worked at a homeless shelter with 3 women in my particular office area. One was very good looking friend I had known before I took the job and was the supervisor of the remaining 3 of us. One of the other girls I guess had a crush on me but I wasn’t interested in her (for the record I wasn’t interested in my good looking friend either as she was married).”

“The harassing girl, Jessica, started out innocently enough by just showing general interest in me in a flirty way. No big deal, everyone has a crush on someone from time to time who just isn’t interested. I guess Jessica started to get frustrated though because her comments got progressively more sexual and provocative. She started making comments about my ass or how I bet I’d want to stick my dick inside her. I kept shooting her down but as her comments got more inappropriate I got firmer with my denial of interest.”

“I guess that made her mad because she then started telling people I was fucking my boss which obviously could have cost both her and I our jobs. Then I told her to fuck off and not talk to me.
Finally she crossed into physically grabbing my ass and trying to grab my dick. I told her I was stronger than she was and if she needed to be forcibly removed from the office I could oblige her. I filed a written complaint after being grabbed and the predominantly female HR and supervisors did literally nothing with the complaint.
Eventually I just left for my current job.”

“First time in high school; walking up stairs and some girl behind me pinches my arse, I turn around in horror and she just says, ‘sorry, I just had to do that’.”

Years ago when I worked for a company that was mostly women–all the way to the top of the company– I was on my knees fixing a door handle. Some of the women walked by and said, “That’s where men need to be.”
I did nothing, but I knew had the situation been reversed, I would have lost my job.”

I’ve worked in the service industry quite a bit and I’m an occasionally fit dude so I’ve had mostly older ladies hit on me, usually somewhat innocent. But the worst experience I had was when my new neighbor moved in. He immediately asked me if I’m gay-friendly, I said whatever works for you, never really cared one way or another. As time passed he would occasionally ask me more and more personal questions, about if I’d ever been with a guy or thought about it, maybe if he shared some drugs I’d be open to it. I had to eventually firmly tell him NO, NOT MY THING.”

“He backed off for a while until he discovered that I was working security/barback part time at a gay bar downtown (great money, no fights, good for self esteem and lots of women). Then he seemed to think that I’d switched over, he would harass me at work, knock on my door at all hours, leave notes on my porch. I eventually had to call the police on him several times, especially after he somehow got my phone number. In recent months he laid off the drugs and booze, sorta leveled out. And then vanished. All of his plants gone, apartment empty, literally happened overnight. I don’t miss him.”

“I was around 15 at the time and I was walking home from school with a friend (also male). There were two girls walking behind us, roughly the same age, maybe a year younger, who started pinching my butt. I, being a quiet person, just pretended it didn’t happen and carried on walking. However, they kept pinching.”

“After the 9th or 10th pinch, I was absolutely burning with rage but still quiet (and my butt was starting to hurt). They did it once more and I just snapped. I turned around and screamed “FUCK OFF” as loud as possible, right in their faces. Didn’t even look at their reactions, just turned around again and carried on walking.
My friend and I walked the rest of the way in silence. I’m not sure if the girls were doing it to him as well, or if he even knew it was happening. He may have just seen me randomly shout at them for no reason.”

“When I was eleven, soon to be twelve, I was on a cruise ship with my family, and wandered into the teen centre by myself, whereupon a girl (who was around 16 years old at the time) came up and started grinding me—i.e., rubbing her crotch against mine, while the guys behind her were laughing and egging her on. While it’s certainly not the worst thing to happen to anyone, and I’ve rarely even thought about it since then, it was still kind of uncomfortable at the time.”

I got groped at a bar once by a 30-something year old lady. Like full on palmed my crotch. Before that she kept asking to feel my arms, I declined and moved away from here and she followed me.
When I was a little younger, I think 18, I got this girls number on the beach and texted her for weeks. She admits to being 16 and I immediately end things. She cyber stalked me for a little. Fast forward a few months and she saw me on a fishing pier. We talked for about ten minutes and she kissed me mid conversation. I backed away and she kicked my tackle box off the pier. It was a bad day.”

“It was in eighth grade during math class when the teacher had to run an errand. There were two trashy girls that cornered me while everyone went to their group of friends and said if they could blow me after class while shuffling through my pants. I moved their hands away and in a cooing voice asked me if I was gay. They followed me after class and I bolted for the bus. In the next year, one of them pulled the same thing.”

“I used to work as a massage therapist. Interestingly enough my story doesn’t have much to do with the clients as it did with a co-worker.
The place I worked at was small. I mean really small. It had one couples room and two single rooms. The entrance was also the waiting area for clients, and therapists between treatments. It was also the owners office. It was a small place.

The reason I mention the size is because there was no way no one noticed it happening.
I had an older coworker who we shall name Jane. Jane was in her late 50’s, heavyset and a heavy smoker. Jane also used to tell me that I was so good looking, that she wished I could give her a baby (I had recently had one of my own) and would, with relative frequency, smack me on the butt.”

“I mentioned it to the (female) owner and she said that I should relax as Jane was clearly just joking with me.
As I assume will quickly become a trend here I will add the obvious. Had the genders been reversed, Jane would have been fired and run through the mud and I never would have even had to speak with my boss about it as first time around something would have been done about it.”

“When I was about 16 (92-93ish) I worked at a dairy queen in a small town. Was the line cook, my manager was a really “large” woman maybe in her 20’s. She and one of her friends around the same age did all the cake decorating.
Late one night when I walked out to my car with the rest of the employees after closing the place, her and her friend had written all kinds of nasty shit on my car with the cake decorating icing, shit like “eat my pussy” “let’s fuck” that kind of stuff. Was all over my whole car, and kind of embarrassing, luckily I knew where the closest car wash was and drove straight to it. ”

“The next day I felt stupid as fuck doing it but called the actual owner of the place and setup a time when she wasn’t working that I could come in and explain why I was quitting. I’m not sure why I apologized so much but I guess I wanted a reference for my next job, anyways he was cool with doing that, and I just moved on to my next shitty fast food gig.”

“It’s not easy working at the same place as your mother.
All kidding aside I snapped one day and told her I couldn’t understand her with all the dog cum in her mouth and that that if she was that desperate for a pity fuck all she had to do was spread her legs while I got one of the truck drivers to back up a forty foot cargo container into her.
We were both asked the next day to avoid speaking directly to each other. I was more than happy to comply so long as she did. A few weeks later she made some passably polite conversation with me during lunch and we learned to tolerate each other’s existence.”