Birth photographer Krista Evans loves to capture those precious moments when a new family is being born. These are no ordinary first photos; they’re truly something much more profound than a simple hospital baby picture. She captures love and happiness in all their beauty — and nothing expresses this better than the images of new daddies in their very first moments with their newborn sons and daughters.
Good luck trying not to say ’Awww’ at least once! These pictures encompass beauty no matter which moment they’re capturing, whether it be new fathers holding their babies for the first time, looking at them, kissing them, or just smelling them. When you see these images, you’ll feel yourself surrounded by feelings of warmth and happiness.


’’They can’t even take a breath when they hold a baby for the first time.’’


’’Some are so overcome with love that the tears just stream down their face.’’


’’I capture those moments when fathers meet their infants for the first time. At those moments their eyes are filled with love and tenderness.’’


’’I see the moments when the little babe’s dad breaths a sigh of relief and readies himself for the next part of the journey.’’


’’This moment of complete wonder often lasts no more than a minute and I feel so truly blessed to it’s my job to preserve that moment in time, forever.’’


’’Some dads are so full of excitement that they cannot contain their whoops and hollers, as they unabashedly throw their arms up into the air in utter joy.’’


’’Three generations of men together for the very first time.’’


’’The father who ripped off his shirt for that first skin-to-skin hold.’’


’’The new dad standing vigil as his son lies in an incubator.’’


’’I love my baby girl more than anything else in this world.’’


’’I don’t remember what my husband said in the minutes after our daughter was born. I do remember what he looked like, though. I remember him holding her, pink and tiny and swaddled in a well-worn hospital blanket. His hands suddenly seemed huge and awkward.’’


’’When he looked down at our baby in his arms, for just an instant, it almost felt like I wasn’t even in the room.’’


’’I looked up and saw him for the first time. I felt the overwhelming happiness and choked back tears.’’


’’He calls her ’beautiful’ all the time, as if it was her real name.’’


’’This is the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt in my whole life.’’


’’This moment looks different for every dad.’’


’’A happy dad and his little princess.’’
Photos by: Krista Evans