The dictionary defines proverb as a short, succinct saying that communicates a generally held truth or advice, based on presence of mind or experience.

However, a proverb is a lot more than that. A proverb is packed up with wisdom, combined with metaphors and other literary tools that hit you hard and leave you wanting more.

We have gathered a couple of wise proverbs for you to toss around sometimes. Here we go.


"If you   can't be good,   be careful."


"Money is not   the  medicine   against death.”


"The night    rinses what    the day has    soaped.”


“A prophet is   not recognized   in his own land.”


“Don't get    mad, get    even.”


“If God had    meant us to fly    he'd have given    us wings.”


“Shrouds    have no    pockets.”


“The husband    is always the    last to know.”


"There's none    so deaf as    those who will    not hear.”


"You can't    win them    all."


"Beggars    should not be   choosers."


“Beauty,   unaccompanied   by virtue, is as a  flower without   perfume.”


“Having two ears  and one tongue,   we should listen    twice as much    as we speak.”


“Those who get    lost on the way    to school will never   find their way   through life.”


"There's no    such thing as    a free lunch."


"Hope for the   best, but prepare  for the worst."


"Absence   makes the heart  grow fonder."