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16 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Is The Best Relationship

Long distance relationships need a lot of work, but at the end of the day, it has more perks.

Here is a list of 16 reasons why long distance relationships are the best relationship.

1.You learn to appreciate even little things.

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Messages and phone calls become more exciting.

2. You never run out of things to say.

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Due to less time, you can tell anything you feel like.

3. Not many fights.

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Because you have so little time together, you try to stay as happy as possible.

4. You understand your partners worth.

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You know what it feels like without them.

5. Mundane things become exciting

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Things like shopping can make your heart beat faster.

6. The simple presence of your partner is all you need.

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Because you don’t have much time to be together when you get the chance to stay together it seems like a blessing.

7. You get time for yourself.

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This is difficult to achieve in the normal relationship but in long distance relationship you get all time you need to yourself.

8. You can travel more.

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You get to travel, and it is more exciting when your partner is your destination.

9. You practice being patient.

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You understand that your partner is busy and would not be able to answer your messages or texts now.

10. You appreciate the time you get to spend together.

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You only meet less frequently so the time you get to spend together is always memorable.

11. You get the time to pursue new interests.

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Living far away means more time for yourself, and you could use this time to pursue new interests.

12. You stay in a relationship and yet be independent.

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Living away means more independence.

13. You learn to trust.

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Trust can become an issue in long distance relationship but as time passes your bond can become strong.

14. You always have something to look forward to.

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Waiting messages and calls are something you will crave.

15. You truly talk to each other.

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You open up to the person.

16. Gifts and surprises make you feel so special.

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Whenever you can surprise your partner, it feels so nice.



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