Everybody who’s looking at this currently has encountered disappointment sooner or later in their lives. Furthermore, we as a whole, know how it feels like; smashing frustration. What’s more, the word we used to depict ourselves by then? Loser.

We see effective individuals and wonder how they did it. Trust me, some extremely effective individuals in life at the present time, experienced hellfire in the past to be at the place they are, currently. Just by being obstinate and declining to surrender.

This is what these popular identities had to go through to be at the place they are today:


He was a high school dropout and janitor who wanted to be a successful comedian but got booed off the stage during his first standup act.


He faced a string of failures; went to war a captain but returned  as a demoted private, failed at business, suffered a nervous breakdown and faced defeat in five elections.


Frustrated, he threw the pages of his novel into the trash but tried writing again, only to be rejected by 30 publishers.


He wanted to make revolutionary products, but was ousted from the company he had started from scratch in a garage.


She gave up on high school to focus on her passion for music but three labels dropped her one after the other.


His head was full of music, but after his first show at the Grand Ole Opry he was told, "You ain't goin' nowhere, son. You ought to go back to drivin' a truck" and fired.


Lost in his experiments and vision, he was labelled by teachers as 'too stupid to learn anything' and failed over 10,000 times to create an economical light bulb.


He loved playing cricket and waited for 20 years, playing local circuit cricket for a chance in the big league.


A flourishing actor, he was eyeing the number one spot in the industry but got rejected by All India Radio for his baritone, his career started declining and he was sinking into bankruptcy.


He dreamt of being a good  animator but was fired and told that  he "lacked imagination and had no good ideas."


He wanted to turn his creative vision into movies but got rejected thrice by the prestigious University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts.


He was a chemist and didn't have the looks to make it big in the film industry, but he desperately wanted to act and had to take up a temporary job as a watchman.


He hoped to transform the automobile industry but two of his companies failed and he went bankrupt five times.


At the age of 62, he hit the road, living in his car, selling his fried chicken door to door and in restaurants but was rejected 1009 times.


She poured everything she had into her first book but got rejected by 12 major publishers.


She had her heart set on being a TV presenter but she was fired from a local TV  station and told she was  'unfit for television'.