Just when you think that you’re getting successful in life, and start making efforts towards your dreams, a hell load of questions are put in front of you-

“When are you planning on getting married?”

“Don’t you ever want to settle down?”

Does it really matter whether you’re in your 20s or 30s? In a country like India, it sure does. Look at what these women have to share on being 30 and unmarried in India.


When I am alone I'm okay with being single. But even small gatherings can trigger negative emotions. When people ask about my age I hesitate to tell the truth. If I'm married I would have no problem but I'm still single so I feel bad.


I am 35 and I couldn't  live my life any better. I have close-knit friends who are my stress busters. I am able to  support my parents and myself with whatever salary I get.  I can go wherever I want to as I have no one to answer. I have no kids so I am zero on that responsibility.


I was 100% sure that there  are no good men in this world anymore. I started living alone.  I spent money on myself.  I visited different places but never enjoyed. One cannot  do much alone. I feel so lonely.  I cannot go out to eat alone  because of constant stares. I tried to handle it, but it  really gets difficult.


I have met a number  of guys. Someone finds me  dumb & someone finds me  too smart, someone finds  me attractive but not marriage material yet someone finds  me dull. The cherry on this  ice-cream is in-laws asking  why I am not married yet.


My parents and  relatives lost hope in me  and probably assume I will  end up as a spinster. I was  abandoned by my own family members after I told them  my decision to pursue higher  education. It sucks!


It's a pain in the ass,  until you start ignoring  everyone who is talking  about when you will finally  'settle down and have kids'  as your biological clock is ticking!


Being the eldest  daughter the most difficult  part was the silent accusatory treatment by the parents.  According to Indian logic,  younger siblings can't marry unless the elder one is  married off.


I feel free,  independent & empowered  that I can pay my own  bills, take care of my mother, pamper my loved ones the way I want. I feel it is a blessing when you do not have to depend on anyone for anything.


Being over 30 and  single doesn't make me  automatically available  to men of all categories.  Unfortunately, many  assume this and do not even respect when I politely say 'no'.


Before 30 I was  worried about finding the  love of my life. After 30 I am  enlightened that I am in love  with the idea of love, just the object of my love keeps changing.


I avoid attending  weddings, because I am  scrutinised, questioned and  then lectured to put  some sense into my thick  skull. Some 'open-minded' aunties will ask me, "Beta, how will you fulfill your sexual needs?"


It is both, liberating  and suffocating, at the  same time. Liberating because  like my other colleagues, I  don't have to rush back home  after work. They have complaining mothers-in-law waiting. Suffocating because  of the society. They don't  let us live & bombard my  parents with insults.


Lack of a good social  circle and being an introvert,  the unemployment and  marriage issues crippled me  in a way that I started having  nightmares. Now I am left  with no hopes, negligible  confidence and deteriorating  enthusiasm.


The entire society  suddenly thinks that a  girl is not getting married  because she either does  not have the capacity  to bear a child, or she  is having some sexually  transmitted disease.


You realize single  life is expensive and most  public places are not  single-friendly. Finding decent  accommodation becomes  tough. You become an  object of pity, entertainment, or false envy just because  you are not married.

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