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15 Types of friends every trip is incomplete without

Planning a trip???? A trip is never complete without the insanity, stupidity and craziness. You need them with you because it doesn’t matter who you’re going, it’s who is beside you. Here’s a friend checklist: –

#1. The one who does all the planning


You need them so that you don’t have to do anything :p. they plan everything in advance so there is no chance of a screw up.

#2. The one with all the juggads


Much needed. They get you in all the clubs or where ever the hell you wanna get into.

#3. The one with the great camera.


You have to click the memories you make. A photographer is a hotshot of the group.

#4. The one with good jokes.


A comedian is very important. Time-pass ke liye bhaut zaruri hai boss.

#5. The one with the dirty mind


Because thoda naughty bhi hona chaiye.

#6. The one who is up for anything.


There will be things you might won’t wanna do alone. And also they are your partner in crime :p

#7. The one who takes all the risk


Koi panga hua? Mr. risk taker will step up.

#8. The one who is good with hissabs


You need a friend who can take care of all the money. You feel safe handing them over the control of the kharchas and be free.

#9. The one who loves nature.


They make you fall in love with the place. Help you notice the beauty.

#10. The one who is secret seductress.


You have to love this one. Cute and lovely by day out but seductress by night, this friend gets most of the action in your group of friends.

#11. The one that no one really likes.


This person annoys everyone in the group, nobody really likes him but still you need him on the trip. You also need someone to bitch about.

#12. The one who is brutally honest.


The Mooh-phat friend.

#13. The one who gets high easily


They seem to always wind up drunker than everyone else, no matter how little they drink.

#14. The one with good music.


Good music makes the trip more awesome than it already is.

#15. The one with you can flirt with


To make things interesting, take a friend or a friend’s friend to spice up.




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