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15 Sexist Ads That Will Make You Unbelievably Angry

It would appear that in the 50’s the easiest way to advertise to women was by using misogyny.

1. Bless your heart honey, they are whistling at both of you. Duh.


2. Is she clever? who the hell cares. She is a woman after all.

3. Is it always illegal to kill a woman? short answer – yes.

4. Cooking. What the wife is there for.

5. God forbid she would wake up with bad breath. How disgusting.

6. You need this product to keep the man you love in your life. If you can’t cook he will leave you.

7. She will be happier with a hoover.

8. If a relationship breaks down over time. It is always the woman’s fault.

9. Just blow in her face and she is yours. It’s that simple.

10. Gosh honey, you are so good at cooking, cleaning and dusting.

11. It’s simple. Men are better than women!.

12. Casual sexual harassment in the work place is ok.

13. If your breath is bad, you could lose him in a minute!.

14. Come out of the bone age darling….

15. Just so you get his roast perfect.

Source: viralwomen

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