Jennifer Lawrence is a coolest and most humble person we know in Hollywood. From being on Vogue to tripping an Oscars, she never took anything on her head. She is the youth icon we all admire the most.

She is highly grossed actress in Hollywood and got nominated 4 times for her amazing performance in ‘Hunger Games’. This lady openly shares whatever is there in her mind. Her coolness makes her different from the league.

Today, we present you some of the quotes by Jennifer that will touch your heart-

#1. “Things can happen to you, but they don’t have to happen to your soul.”

#2. “I am a big believer in accepting yourself and not really worrying about it.”

#3. “Teenagers only have to focus on themselves its not until we get older that we realize that other people exist.”

#4. “All I need in a relationship is somebody to watch TV with.”

#5. “Don’t worry about the bitches in school – that could be a good motto, because you come across people like that throughout your life.”

#6. “At the end of the day, there is probably nothing that makes me feel better than junk food and reality TV.”

#7. “I really would not call myself a fashion icon. I would call myself somebody who gets dressed by professionals. It’s like, ‘Dance, monkey, dance’ right on the red carpet’. I would call me more of a monkey.”

#8. “Eating is one of my favourite parts of the day.”

#9. “The internet to me is kind of like a black hole, and I never really go on it.”

#10. “I force myself to get dinner at least once a week with my girlfriends, or have a sleepover. Otherwise my life is just work.”

#11. “Success doesn’t mean you’re allowed to work less and treat people like shit.”

#12. “I never play characters that are like me because I’m a boring person. I wouldn’t want to see me in a movie.”

#13.“I’m still waiting to get a couple of tips on how to shut up.”

#14. “I have the street smarts and survival skills of, like, a poodle.”

#15. “Even as far back as when I started acting at 14, I know I’ve never considered failure.”