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15 illustrations about how silly the advanced world is

An Italian illustrator named Marco Melgrati spent a lot of time observing the modern world: the world of technology, virtual reality, and stereotypes imposed by the media. One day he decided to depict all the absurdity of everyday life.

Getzkick collected this talented Italian’s works which can help you to look at your life from another perspective. Maybe they’ll even give you enough inspiration to do something that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time?

You don’t need a miracle to change jobs

Be who you want to be

A new language

It could’ve been love

Do you solve problems by using logic or intuition?

Love your enemies

Make yourself

Narcissism in social networks


Always be ready for inspiration to strike

Underwater Universe

Be careful

A fine line between reality and contemporary art

Learn to leave things behind

Face your fears

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