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15 Hilarious Memes On The #MeToo Movement You Need To See Right Now

Memes on #metoo

The #MeToo movement has been dominating the Twitter trends, been discussed on live TV, and is empowering the ordinary woman, celebrities, and senate individuals to talk up about assault and rape in an open setting.
The movement has united women and men from each culture, color and political gathering. It brought attention to the elephant in the room we so often ignore.

The movement has given the voiceless a place to admit things they may have never admitted before.
It has permitted women, and the world, to convey attention to the fact that this a universal issue that needs to be addressed now.
It has urged individuals to not just share their very own survival stories and declarations, but to bring mindfulness through insights, realities and informative tweets or posts also.
Today, everybody is discussing sexual harassment – and it really is great.
But, there are several people these days trying to derail the #metoo movement by using it as a weapon for defamation, especially in India.
And, as history suggests, whatever goes trending, is made fun of. So here are the top 10 memes and tweets about the #metoo movement that will get you laughing out loud-



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