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15 Heart Stolen Comments That Every Curly Hair Girl Always Want To Listen

Not wavy, not tousled, but I am talking about the corkscrew curly hair which have always been the center of attraction. And trust me I know this because I myself have very voluptuous looking springs on my head. Well yes, we enjoy them because they are fun, attractive and always a stunner but we also get to hear the craziest things about them too. Here’s an insight into the world of curly hair and hopefully would appease a lot of minds out there.

1.You have such pretty hair! Are these original?

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No hon, I just love walking with a wig on my head.

2.Have you inherited it from someone? Does your mom and dad too have curly hair?

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No, I am adopted :/

3.It would be such a tough job washing them. Right?

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Trust me it is. Always a third world war.

4.Don’t you just get bored of your hair?I really wish to see you in straight hair.

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Sorry, but do I know you?

5.It would just be too difficult while combing right? Oh wait up! Do you even comb your hair?

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Not at all. I just buy combs and put them as show pieces in my home. They simply bring me luck.

6.Haha! You already have a nick name “MAGGIEEEEE”.

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Did you know you have too? “RETARD”

7.Your hair is the perfect place to hide thing.

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Did you hide your brains in my hair and forgot to take it back?

8.You look like a ‘Sadhu Baba’.

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Thanks but you see, ‘The more curls you get the more wisdom you have.

9.So cool you really don’t have to style your hair much. You randomly tie them and it becomes a style statement.

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Well, Well. I know I am  a style setter. I can see you copying one already 😉

10.I bet you spend all your money on clutchers and wrist bands.

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Yes, so many that my whole generation would never go short of one.

11.Your hair look exactly like ‘Kangna Ranaut’?

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Oh really! Thank You so much.

12.Hey can I ask you something? Your boyfriend too have curly hair?

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Excuse me. Are you indirectly hitting on me and enquiring if I am single or not.

13.Do you use any creams or gels to keep your hair stay curly the entire party?

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Friend! You really have forgotten your brains somewhere.

14.What if something gets stuck in your hair? How do you remove it?

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Hands! Strange isn’t it?

15.I wish I could have hair like you. They look so exotic and charismatic.

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Well, I know I am just amazing. Thanks anyway. 😉

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