You might all remember the comic strip Pearls Before Swine which is daily syndicated in Mumbai Mirror, along with many other newspapers and other dailies around the world. Creator Stephan Pastis is a brilliant artist and uses incredible witticism and punny humour (and many times, himself as the butt) to create three-panel laughter magic. He was in India, last month, addressing a panel in BITS Pilani, Goa.

Here are some of his best puns in his daily comics.

1. This sad attempt at dog humour.

2. This cruel joke on the life of crash test dummies.

3. This terrible pun about a side order.

4. This miserable comic idea.

5. This innocent question gone wrong.

6. This comic where wordplay was looked down upon.

7. This last warning for that terrible wordplay.

8. This inconsiderate and udder rubbish joke.

9. This literal meaning of an idiom which was a sin.

10. This Bob Dylan song which was misunderstood.

11. This time when Stephan ran out of ideas.

12. Please, Steph. Stop with the wordplay!

13. This airplane security measure that was misheard.

14. Everyone’s had enough of your worldplay, Pastis!

15. This time everyone has had enough of the puns!

What cracks me up most is that his own characters hate him for making them say these terrible puns!

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