“I was tormented for being excessively sensitive. I was harassed for being too vulnerable, for being excessively legitimate and kind. I begun developing walls. I began guarding myself.”

With “Writer. Artist. Speaker. Educator. Doctoral student in Educational Leadership. Human. I write to give a voice to the hushed spirits out there,” as her Twitter bio, this Lebanese-Canadian author, poet and orator is making waves with her powerful statements of motivation, love and misfortune.

Writer of books, for example, Mind Platter, The Nectar Of Pain is set to distribute another book Spark of Pheonix in 2019.

With fans, all the way from the paths of Canada to Hollywood, here are some of the poems that Najwa has shared with us throughout the years.


“It's time    for you to    welcome    happiness."


“You love too     hard," he said.  "It's the only    way to love," I    replied.”


“If you gave    them  once the    love that they did   not deserve, they    will come back    for more.”


“I broke my    soul trying    to mend    yours.”


“You don't need    to explain why    you're protecting    your soul from    harm. You    really don't.”


“Broken wings    are a sign of    struggle. And    strength.”


“If they don't    appreciate your   presence, they    may never    recognize your   absence."


“If you ever get    the chance to treat    them the way they   treated you, I hope   you choose to walk   away and do better.”


“A heart does    turn cold unless    it's been treated    with coldness    for a while.”


“Here's the thing    about people with    good hearts: They   accept the apologies   you don't give.”


“Never wish them    pain. That’s not who    you are. If they caused    you pain, they must    have pain inside.    Wish them healing.    That’s what they    need.”


“Take responsibility     for the choices you    could have made     but restrained     yourself from     making.”


“You turn your    back on yourself    when you allow    every closed door    to stop you from   moving on to the    next one.”


“These mountains    that you are    carrying, you    were only    supposed to    climb.”