Its very easy to judge a movie or call it bad but the truth is it takes a lot of efforts to make a movie. In India mostly, people love Movies like Race and Dilwale but very few people love watching the movie with Good content, every movie is made with a vision that separates it from rom other films.

Here’s we’ll talk about a list of underrated Bollywood movies which definitely deserve to be labeled as awesome

1. Margarita, with a Straw

2. Raincoat

3. Samay: When Time Strikes

4. Haasil

5. 15 Park Avenue

6. Ankhon Dekhi

7. Ugly

8.Matru Bhoomi

9. Manorama six feet under

10. Dasvidaniya

11. Shor in the City

12. Firaaq

13. Laal Rang