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12 Truths Only Girls Understand when wearing a saree

Since childhood a girl is Groomed up by her Mother who work like a unique superwomen. where the dress code is not a sticky dress along with a inner and a drape tied along her shoulders but a 5 m long cloth rapped around her in a very suffocated manner.this is what we call a saree.

In This process of Grooming slowly 2 the mother becomes the girls ideal. each and every action is copied so how can saree wearing be left.

Now wearing a saree is a little bit complicated she comes across 12 Problems.

1. 5 m long so many Layered’s,Problem Rapping.

2. chance of opening(khul sakti hai).

3. You may Fall While Walking (Mazak Ban Jayega).

4. Can’t Kamar Tod Dance(Like Dj Masti).

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5. Pinning it up Safety Pins, (chance of hurting if it opens by chance)

6. Riding on bike with boyfriend(can’ sit closet).

7. In windy day id may flicker around.

8. Rainy Days its stick to your body makes your sexy(attraction sexy feeling)

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9. You have to handle elegantly, it may get stuck any where by chance

10. Full comment and comment……..n comments.

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11. Too complicated Pattern.

12. Matching blouse & jewellery.

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13. Perfect combination b/w saree and sandals

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14. Carry saree pallu on head

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