12 Things Parents Need Not Say To Their Kid… Ever! 

Parents are weird creatures. They say confusing things and often say two-faced things. As a result, they end up confusing the kid. God save them if their kid is a teenager and doesn’t know how to control his/her temper.

“Don’t cry. Be a Man.”

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Don’t tell your kids to stop crying. Expressing your emotions is very important or your child will turn out to be an emotionally unavailable person.

“Girl’s don’t play football.”

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Don’t tell your girl not to the join the football coaching or your son to stop his dancing. Let them do what they enjoy.

“Why can’t you be more like your brother/sister?”

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This only creates more tension between the siblings. So stop comparing your kids.

“Go away. I’m busy.”

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This only tells the kid that you don’t have time for them and they won’t come to you the next time.

“I’ll tell your dad about this.”

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Stop complaining all the time. It makes your kid lose their respect for you.

“Try to get an A+ next time.”

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They got an A this time, but instead of appreciating them, you are demanding an A+ from them.

“Don’t go out. You’ll become dark.”

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Girls, you don’t need your family members telling you to stay fair, so that you can marry someone good.

“Big boys and girls don’t get scared.”

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Being scared is okay. Telling them not to be, is NOT.

“We can’t afford that.”

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That encourages stealing money and things in kids. Don’t tell them that you have big financial problems.

“Wait. I’ll do it for you.”

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Don’t do your kid’s chores. Don’t tie their lace or button their shirts. Let them do their stuff on their own.


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Don’t straight away say now. Stop being so dominating. Explain things to them instead of saying no.

“Stop being friends with them.”

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If you think your kid’s friends are a bad influence, choose some other way to tell them.