It’s not difficult but it’s close to impossible while dating a dellihite chick. Hats off to you boys who are handling those AK 47 so well. And why I say this is because I have traveled most of the states in India and have made very good friends across the nation but trust me girls of Delhi are simply crazy..Hold on! I am not putting it in a wrong way but simply in a crazy one. To top it up if the girl happens to be your best friend’s girl friend fir toh bhagwan hi bachae.

1.Make up:

Make up


You know your girl friend is a delhite if she has more kgs of pancakes on her face than the number of clothes on her body.

CA: I sometimes wonder that were all these cosmetic industries made for the dilli ki ladkiya?

2.Party animals:

Party animals


I have recently shifted to Delhi and met my best friend’s girlfriend who apparently is from Delhi. When I asked her what she did for fun it literally left me rolling on the floor, “4 bottle vodka kaam mera roz ka.” ‘Way to go bestie to handle such a hottie.’

3.‘Swag mera desi’:

Swag mera desi


You definitely know your chick is a dilli walli if doesn’t let guys in club checking her out 10 times in 5 mins. Poor boys don’t know that this hottie is here to be the talk of the night among the girls. “Why should boys have all the fun”.

4.Fights are just a part of lives:

Fights are just a part of lives


You know your girl is from Delhi if she doesn’t bring up the 2 months old fight to your 2nd anniversary. “Trust me they by god everything”.

5.Sarojini ke kapde madam pehen ke jati disco:

Sarojini ke kapde madam pehen ke jati disco


Your girl is a stunner, truly one. A SN dress might just look like a brand on her.

6.Accent Problem:

Accent Problem


I don’t blame the attitude problem but the accent problem with such a pitch which could even make a glass break. More over accent with the auto rickshaws. HAHAHA.

7.Love for metro:

Love for metro



h5>They might have an endless series of audi but travelling by metro has always been a sport for them.

8.Prada,LV,ZARA the list goes on:

PradaLVZARA the list goes on


You know your high class dilli wali if she doesn’t make you spend at least a lakh of your income just on her handbags. ‘Careful guys’ you better make sure you have a heavy bank balance.




This needs no explanation. It’s like a hajmole ki goli for every girl in Delhi without which syndromes like insomnia can hit.

10. Matr Bhasha:

Matr Bhasha


Your girl friend might hold a degree of English honours but never underestimate her hindi. You never know you might have to start taking classes from her someday.

 11. ‘Take a Fake’:

Take a Fake


You know your girl is a dilli walli if she talks nothing below branded clothes and gadets even if it’s a fake. After all status bhi toh kuch cheez hoti hai.

12. ‘Sanskari Ladki’:

Sanskari Ladki


No matter how happening your girl is but when with family diwalis and holis are the non-alcoholic events for them. PS ‘ONLY WITH FAMILY.’