Come winter!Come Numbness!Come Gloominess!Come Cracked heels!Come Laziness! etc. etc. God I seriously have an Come Cracked heels!Come Lazinesspeople who desperately wait for this time of the year and proudly say, “At last, the winters are here.” I on the other side rolling my eyes say, ” Damn, Not again.” I am a totally a summer person and these are the reasons why I simply hate winters.

1.There goes layer 1, layer 2 and layer infinity:

There goes layer 1 layer 2 and layer infinity2

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I mean seriously? So many clothes, simply so many of them. I feel like a walking wardrobe in the midst of fog now.

2.Flaking Skin:

Flaking Skin

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The skin becomes so pale and dry that we eventually start looking like the family members of ‘Edward Cullen’.

3.Hygiene Freak? Not any more I guess! :

Hygiene Freak Not any more I guess

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Although my love for cleanliness is inexpressible but we simply break up during this season. Now my hygiene regimes include a bottle of perfume a day which practically makes me a room freshener.

4.Cracks in the heels:

Cracks in the heels

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Every compared the earthquake cracks with anything else? Check out your heels, now you know the perfect place to hold your atm card.

5.Lambhi Judaai:

Lambhi Judaii

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Bye!Bye! to sandals, flip-flops,shorts and skirts remind me simply of the song “Lambhi Judaiiiiiii”.

6.Numb Hands:

Numb Hands

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Hands are as numb as heart after a break up.

7.A sling bag disaster:

A sling bag disaster

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Your sling bag which once made you look like a stunner acts more like a jhola to stuff your gloves/scarfs/tissues and what not.

8.At a gun point:

At a gun point

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Wearing high heels is nothing less than being at a gun point. A slight slip and we are dead.

9.Too much static:

Too much static

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“Boy You Are Electric 😉 “

10. Rides



An auto ride or a bike ride is simply a disastrous sport for the hair.

11. The itch:

The itch

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The necessary itch behind your back which you can’t reach becomes a task. Thanks to the season and the layers of fabric on the body.

12.Back to being retro:

Back to being retro1

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Feet are just so numb and stubborn to get warm even inside the blankets and all you end up doing is the disco dance of shivering the entire night.

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