Sudha Murthy is a simple lady. She is sensible but then aggressive, the two characteristics that influence her to interface well to both, the battling white collar class, and the turbulent noble class. She writes a lucid tone, yet denotes an effect that is hard to overlook. With relatable characters and straightforward account, she can strike the correct harmonies and discuss a profound message with a remarkable effortlessness.

She is a prolific fiction author in both languages, Kannada and English. Her books give philosophical perspectives on self-acknowledgment, philanthropy and accommodation through fiction stories. In case you’re a devoted peruser, you should think about her mainstream book, Wise And Otherwise, an accumulation of impactful and enlightening stories about people from everywhere throughout the nation. Another book, How I Taught My Grandmother To Read is another masterpiece.

Thus, here are a few quotes from her acclaimed books that certainly merit a specify.