As a film enthusiast, I am slanted towards viewing an assortment of movies. For example, if we take a look at the Indian Cinema, it is exceptionally basic that movies have their endings clarified and the stories are straight-forward, a surprising case might be a story that has adequate plot winds however the consummation is still clarified. At that point comes the rarest situation where the film has a magnificent plot without any turns however an open closure, a completion that enables the gathering of people to decipher interminable potential outcomes of ‘What might have happened next?’ or ‘What was the reason that the circumstance must be surely?’. Such movies are infrequently made in our nation however considering the current situation, there are such movies being made and they’re superb!

#1.15 Park Avenue (2005)

#2.No Smoking (2007)

#3.Kahaani (2012)

#4.The Lunchbox (2013)

#5.Titli (2014)

#6.Badlapur (2015)

#7.Masaan (2015)

#8.Court (2015)

#9.Waiting (2015)

#10.Udaan (2010)

#11.Kaafiron Ki Namaaz (2016)

#12.Ugly (2013)

Any suggestions for such movies? Please comment below.