Is it accurate to say that you are in scan for some smash hit books yet don’t know where to discover them? Enable me to give you a piece of my mind . A majority of these best sellers originated from another period of Indian essayists. Legends like Sir Chetan Bhagat, Sir Durjoy Datta et al have been meticulously penning down the same ‘kid meets young lady, they fuck, whoopee’ smash hits that changed lives, modified fates, gave foot spasms, headaches, and pushed measly things like mind and knowledge out of the window. The sheer affliction of their knowledge is profound to the point that it will get tears in even Rohan Shetty’s eyes. They compose for the majority, and masses make each book by them a blockbuster . So on the off chance that you have not perused these 12 mind-desensitizing Indian “smash hits” as of now, let me help you with the headings.

1. Oh Shit, Not Again!

2. She Broke Up, I Didn’t!….I Just Kissed Someone Else!

3. I Too Had a Love Story

4. Half Girlfriend

5. A lot like love…a li’l like chocolate

6. One Night @ The Call Center

7. A Dilli-Mumbai Love Story

8. Revolution 2020

9. One Life One Love

10. Anything For You, Ma’am

11. A Thing Beyond Forever

12. Of Course I Love You…! Till I Find Someone Better