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11 songs with such naughty lyrics, they will surely bring out the dirty side of you.

Here and there the normal filthy talking amongst you and bae can likewise end up plainly exhausting. Be that as it may, both of you cherish a touch of being a tease and filthy talk – and all things considered as well – it’s energizing and quite hot! To change your standard grimy talk normal, here are 11 messy tune verses! Listen them all!

1. Sex Me by R. Kelly

Video Source: Youtube

‘Come over here and let me take off your clothes
Cause things I want to do to you, nobody has to know (know baby)
Just lay your body right here…’

2. Cool For The Summer by Demi Lovato

Video Source: Youtube

‘Got my mind on your body
And your body on my mind/ Got a taste for the cherry
I just need to take a bite’

3. Birthday Cake by Rihanna ft. Chris Brown

Video Source: Youtube

‘It’s not even my birthday
But he wanna lick the icing off
I know you want it in the worst way
Can’t wait to blow my candles out’

4. Work From Home by Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Video Source: Youtube

‘Let’s put it into motion
I’mma give you a promotion
I’ll make it feel like a vacay, turn the bed into an ocean
We don’t need nobody, I just need your body
Nothin’ but sheets in between us, ain’t no getting off early’

5. Buttons by Pussycat Dolls ft. Snoop Dogg

Video Source: Youtube

‘You been saying all the right things all night long
But I can’t seem to get you over here to help take this off
Baby, can’t you see/ How these clothes are fitting on me
And the heat coming from this beat?
I’m about to blow
I don’t think you know’

6. Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd

Video Source: Youtube

‘And if in the moment you bite your lip
When I get you moaning you know it’s real
Can you feel the pressure between your hips?
I’ll make it feel like the first time’

7. Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

Video Source: Youtube

‘I’ll let you set the pace
Cause I’m not thinking straight
My head spinning around I can’t see clear no more
What are you waiting for?
Love me like you do’

8. Blow by Beyoncé

Video Source: Youtube

‘Can you eat my skittles?
It’s the sweetest in the middle (yeah)
Pink is the flavour
Solve the riddle (yeah)’

9. Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor

Video Source: Youtube

‘We got this king size to ourselves
Don’t have to share with no one else
Don’t keep your secrets to yourself
It’s karma sutra show and tell’

10. (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life by Jennifer Warnes And Bill Medley

Video Source: Youtube

‘With my body and soul
I want you more than you’ll ever know
So we’ll just let it go
Don’t be afraid to lose control
Yes I know what’s on your mind
When you say: “Stay with me tonight.”’

11. My Sharona by The Knack

Video Source: Youtube

‘Come a little closer, huh, a-will ya, huh?
Close enough to look in my eyes, Sharona
Keeping it a mystery, it gets to me
Running down the length of my thigh, Sharona’

Go on listen’em up all, Thank us Later



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