Known to be the world’s most shrouded state, the laws in North Korea are truly awful. ‘Awful’ would actually be an understatement as it takes away the basic rights and freedom of its people and powers some unusual extremist laws on them. And we really need to thank our stars for not being the citizens of North Korea.
Here are some weird rules and laws in the country that the North Korean citizens have to live with.

Only three channels on the TV

North Korea has only three channels on the telivision and they are all controlled by the government. Also, the citizens are obliged to watch TV to know about the current state of politics and the country’s development.

3 Generations of Punishment

If a single person commits a crime, the punishment will be given to their parents and children as well.

It’s the year 107 in North Korea

Since North Korea uses the Juche calendar (Juche, meaning “self-reliance,” is the official ideology). According to their laws, year one was in 1912, when Kim II-sung was born.

Special Permission to live in the Capital

You cannot freely move around the country while in North Korea. If you want to live in the capital, you’ll need to ask for permission with a formal letter to the government and be found worthy.

Only 28 Government Approved Hairstyles to choose from

Want to get a new haircut? In North-Korea, you can only choose from 28 government approved haircuts and all men and women in the country have to follow the same hairstyles as other hairstyles are banned. Spiked Hair is specially banned in North Korea as it is considered rebellious and you can completely forget about dying your hair if you’re a citizen of the country.

Owning a Bible is Illegal

Not only is the holy book banned, but owning a Bible is also a punishable offence.

Parents have to provide desks and chairs for their kid’s school

Parents who want to send their kids to school are required to provide their own desks and chairs. Some students are also made to do laborious tasks for the government, such as collecting garbage.

Watching Foreign Movies is Banned

Watching a movie made in another country in a punishable offence in North Korea.

North Korea

Elections held every 5 years with only a Single Candidate

It is illegal not to vote in North Korea. Therefore, everybody does. Every 5 years, the presidential elections are held but the voters have only one option to choose from. Whether it’s the election for a mayor, provincial governors, or local assemblies, there is only one candidate on the ballot in each district.

Weed is Legal in North Korea

Surprisingly, weed is not considered an illegal substance in the otherwise strict country.

There are lot of other bizzare rules and laws of this secretive country which are obligatory of everyone except the leader of the country.