DELHI- the capital of India ,a world class city with a glorious past has always been the center of attraction inside and outside the borders of India. It is not from today but since medieval India that Delhi has been described as the seat of power which states the reason behind it being most wanted by all.

Well this is quite sufficient for the rest of states to get jealous of Delhi but Mumbai the most modern and economically strong city hate Delhi and Delhi people for many more reasons and some of the most popular reasons for their complains are listed below:


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Delhi metro is the pride of Delhi which gives it a status of a world city unlike Mumbai and this does not go down the throat of Mumbai people who travel in Jam packed Age old local trains day and day out so I guess their hate is genuine because Delhi Metro is definitely unbeatable.

2.Weather & Season

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Delhi ki sardi and Delhi ki garmi are both incredible with its extreme hot and cold temperature unlike the constant temperature of Mumbai and that’s what annoys mumbaikars who find it difficult to deal with the delicacies of such varying weather because they have been deprived of such climatic conditions.


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Delhi and Mumbai have very different cultures and languages which influence their dialect as well and Mumbai people fail to understand the typical Hindi words and also the words that are constructed out of dictionary like “jugaad” which means adjustment.


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Delhi is a mixture of cultures and it welcomes all with open arms by inculcating the traditions, trends, inspiration and food habits of all and this is the sole reason why Delhi has huge variety of food to offer from variety of traditional and authentic dishes including street foods as well unlike Mumbai which has only pav bhaji and bata vada as its specialties.

5.Directionless Delhi

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Delhi might be just a dot on the map but it is really huge at surface with NCR region and Gurugram adjoining on its borders; Mumbai people complain about it being directionless because it is spread out wide in a small area Mumbai and that makes them confused.

6. Mumbai university ranks below than Delhi university

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Delhi is just not made of food and metro but it has a very prestigious university too which is known as Delhi university. DU is an esteemed university with diverse courses offered with national and international curriculum ; which makes it far more better than than Mumbai University. So , Mumbai people got no other option but to complain about Delhi people to satisfy their ego!!

7. Dangerous Delhi

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Like every other metro politian city Delhi is exposed to the various dangers and crimes but for Mumbai people its just not safe because there was a rape case of a Nirbhaya which labelled Delhi as unsafe and all the Delhi people as rapists though it’s unfair but that’s just how Mumbai people feel..

8. Dirty Delhi

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According to Mumbaikars DELHI is far more dirty than any other city being a capital as compared to Mumbai so this again gives them an opportunity to complain about Delhi and also Delhi people.

9.Boastful attitude

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Every other person has his own attitude that they carry along similarly Delhi people are very confident and use a proper accent while speaking ; this is what Mumbaikars can’t tolerate and they end up labeling delhi people as boastful and impolite.

10. Law breakers

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Mumbai people feel Delhi people are expert in breaking the laws; well this may be a case at times but not everyone is same in the entire city and so hating and complaining all Delhi people for the crime of some is not just..!!