Everyone  loves rain in one or the other way.  Some people even have special memories related to rains. It is the best time of the year for many.

Here are some of the reasons why we love them:

1. It is very romantic.

It is very romantic


Rains are the best medium through which people  come closer to each other and speak their heart out.

2. Smell of the first rains.

Smell of the first rains


You get pleased by that special odor of the very first rains.

3. You love watching rainbows.

You love watching rainbows


Some people love rains only for the beautiful thing called RAINBOWS

4. Making Paper boats in the rain.

Making Paper boats in the rain


Playing with the paper boats is the best childhood memory to which everyone can relate to .

5. Lip-smacking pakoras are your favorite things.

Lip smacking pakoras are your favorite things


Foodie’s enjoy rain by devouring some really tasty pakoras

6. It spreads greenery.

It spreads greenery


The sight of very clean and green gardens drives you crazy.

7. Sipping coffee while it rains outside.

Sipping coffee while it rains outside


Sitting in your cozy beds and enjoying a cup of coffee is one of the bestest things one could experience.

8. Peeping outside the windows.

Peeping outside the windows


you love  watching the drops of rain falling closely.

9. Calm and fresh environment.

Calm and fresh environment


Everyone loves the peaceful after effect that rain creates.

10. Jumping in puddles.

Jumping in puddles


Probably , every child loves to do it.