1. You don’t want to end up looking like a baby.

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Why look like a schoolboy when you aren’t one?

2. A fuzzy face can transform you from a timid nerd to a sexy hunk.


Yes, it’s true.

3. Science says that bearded men are more attractive.

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A study by the University Of New South Wales suggests that bearded men are more attractive than clean shaven men.

4. A study says that a man could spend 139 days of his life shaving.

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A study by Boston University suggests that you waste 139 days of your life shaving. Imagine the things you could do if you weren’t shaving!

5. You can get all arty with your beards.


Flower beards are the latest trend you can try out by not shaving.

6. Because you can do this.

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No plates required!

7. Having a beard has health benefits.

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It protects your skin and filters out dust and pollens.

8. You’ll look like a serious thinker.

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You’ll get to stroke your beard while your thinking cap is on.


h2>9. Lennon approved.


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Yes, they are epic.

10. And, it’s Movember

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It’s the month to skip your shave to raise awareness for cancer and mental health. Join the cause and keep the rugged look on.