Internet serves a lot of porn but sex advice is something it avoids. Just like our parents and the society. The youth is often misguided by their own peers and needs to be enlightened by some really useful bits of information. And that is exactly why advice related to sex is something that should be on every teen’s priority.

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Female ejaculation is a thing

As told by a Reddit user:

“There is not a ton of great research on female ejaculation. If the fluid coming out is different from your normal vaginal lubrication, that may be a sign that it is ejaculate.

If your partner is plugging your urethra with his hand while fingering you, it might still be possible that fluid would come out from your urethra.

However, it could be that you are experiencing vaginal fluids coming out of your vagina but just at an amount that is more than usual. Maybe having a strong orgasm is pushing more lubrication out of your vagina. Every vaginal is different in the amount that it gets wet. Either way female ejaculation and vaginal lubrication are totally normal.”

The fit and the brand of condom matters

A Reddit user said,

“Ideally there should be a little extra room at the top (that’s the purpose of the little tip at the end) to allow room for semen without the condom breaking. So long as you are comfortable and it’s not loose or coming off, should be fine. Although I would recommend trying different brands as they all fit a little different.”

The health of your reproductive organs is important.

Another Reddit user said:

“Women shouldn’t have to learn about things like PCOS, endometriosis, yeast infections or PID from commercials for pharmaceuticals.

Sex ed shouldn’t just be about sex, but also the health of our reproductive organs.

Where I am sex ed was extremely vague and my roommate admitted that when she got her first yeast infection – she was in high school – she had no fucking clue what was going on and what was wrong with her

HIV is a virus.

As shared by a Reddit user:

“A person could contract HIV from vaginal birth, not AIDS. HIV is the virus causing AIDS, a condition, much like how the flu (virus) causes fevers (condition).”

Real life ain’t porn

As told by a Reddit user:

“I also consider this safety, because it has to do with your physical health: do not ever ever ever ever go from A to V. Don’t lick, finger, penetrate, whatever, a b-hole and then stick the same unclean device, be it a tongue, a toy, a finger or a penis, into your v-hole. Infection waiting to happen. Real life ain’t porn!”

Know your medicines 

As mentioned in an article:

“Antibiotics nullify the effects of birth control pills during the period that you’re taking the antibiotics.”

Oral sex can also cause Herpes.

A Reddit user said:

“FYI even if you’ve tested positive they won’t be able to tell you where you have it. “Oral” herpes can be spread to your genitals as well. The rise can be traced to the frequency of unprotected oral sex increasing. If you’ve never had an outbreak and test positive you’ll have no idea specifically where it is.”

Urinating helps.

As mentioned in an article:

“You urinate after sex due to the fact that your sexual organs were just exposed to completely new bacteria which your partner has in check but you may not. Urine acts as a disinfectant and can prevent STIs.”

Masturbation lowers the risk of Cancer.

As mentioned in another article:

“Masturbation is actually healthy when done in moderation. Studies show that masturbating 21 times a month can lower the risks of prostate cancer by almost 33 percent.”

You’ve got to take care of hygiene.

As shared by a Reddit user:

“My wife and I bought a couple packages of bed pads, they’ve been an absolute lifesaver. Keep the sheets dry. Nobody wants to pull wet sheets off and find a clean set when you’re tired and just want to pass out.”