We’ve all been adoring Rannvijay Singh Singha from the time he made his first appearance in Roadies. And we absolutely love him! Not only because of his handsome, rugged looks over which many girls have lost their heart. But also his adventurous and daredevil personality which has inspired many.

Let’s have a look at some quotes from the King of Roadies and learn how to live life outside our comfort zone.


"Always say yes to the next adventure you'll never know when  is your chance to fly."


"You are your own superhero...  make adventure your damsel  in distress."


"Don't be disappointed by the things you didn't do give yourself the chance to be at a cliffhanger ride through the jungles just get going because roads are too mainstream."


"You'll never be the best you can be, if you've always got both your feet on the ground."


"Respect like you'll live forever, ride like you'll die today."


"Adventure and thrill won't come looking for you... you have to seek them  out and more often than not, they're  hiding being your veil of fear."


"If you don't fall... bruise... break  a bone or two... you'll never know what  it is to feel the wind in your hair and the clouds beneath your feet."


"We aren't invincible...  but who's stopping us  from trying."


"Life is too short to be just a wallflower... to be just  a face in the crowd... shake it up a bit... not  everyone will like you but they will respect you."