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10 Perks Of Having Friends With Benefits That You’ ll love !

Emotions are well known to mess up everything, so most of the people choose friends with benefits. It can be mutually enjoyable and perfectly suited to our needs. It probably has more perks than love. This fun, casual relationship with no strings attached has many advantages. So explore the perks this hassle free relation comes with-

1. No Emotions


When it comes to emotions, well, obviously you both are friends, so the friendship remains. But, apart from that, there are not any other emotions.

2. No Commitment


This kind of relationship doesn’t have any commitment. You are having sex and if you get bored with it then you simply move on. You don’t have to try hard to make it work.

3. No insecurities


Insecurity arises when you have fear to lose something, but here you don’t have anything to loose. You both are mature and pretty much free to step out any time you want.

4. No demands


There are literally no demands! Instead, a give and take policy, both of them do not ask for anything except sex. You meet, have a good time, have sex, and go your own ways.

5. More Freedom


You enjoy the sex part and do not have to deal with the relationship part. No strings attached, you are absolute to do whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want! Best of both worlds!

6. No Expectations


Since no feelings are involved, no pressure to impress your partner. Inviting your partner after a long day to have fun is completely acceptable.

7. No Melodrama


There’s no drama – nope, nothing at all. Both the individuals do not divulge in each other’s personal space and personal life.

8. No Regrets


Even when you are no longer friends with Benefits, you don’t regret having a wrong friend with benefits. Because relationship takes months to move on.

9. Get to know what you like and don’t like


It’s a good way to experiment. There is freedom from overly romantic attachments and to voice your sexual fantasies. In other words, try out something new! Know What you enjoy, and what you don’t.

10. You Do Not Ignore Your Friends


You often ignore your friends in your normal relationship. But this is not the case in friends with benefits as you have time for your friends.



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