We’ve all had occasions when we accidentally do things that we aren’t mindful of. There are circumstances where we’re involved with something else while performing multiple tasks with something totally different. And, when we returned to our senses, we ponder internally, “What did I even do?”

This is the point at which our brain is on an autopilot mode and we go completely blank. Yes, it is really a thing! (Since ours is on a similar mode while we’re composing this one for y’all!)

We as people tend to perform multiple tasks supposing we’ve aced the art. However, we regularly overlook that our mind has a power over us and it isn’t the other way round. That is to say, our mind is equipped for confusing us to a level where we wind up dipping that bread in water rather than tea!

This autopiloting of the mind made a few people do insane things which left them laughing their guts out.
These examples will either influence you to acknowledge something similar that happened to you or just laugh it off.

“I once took out my bike and went to the nearby market. I got a call from my best friend and I kept talking while walking. I reached home and it was then I realized I forgot my bike at the parking.”

“Oh, I remember the time where I made a fool out of myself. I tried going up an escalator that was going down.”

“My friend handed me her phone at a party while I was also holding a cup of beer and, for some reason, I just stared straight at her and dipped her phone in the beer.”

“I woke up one morning all smiling. Kept scrolling my phone and slept again. It was only on Tuesday. My boss called up and asked where am I. And I went up like ‘shit I forgot to come to the office.'”

“I fought with my boyfriend over the phone. Planned to cook pasta for myself to clean up my head and enjoy some ‘me’ time. The moment I had the first bite, I realized the pasta was sweet. I took a moment and realised I had added sugar instead of salt. I called my boyfriend again and blamed him for it.”

“I was changing in my room and threw my undies in the toilet for some reason.”

“I once walked into the wrong class during my midterms. Sat and looked at the question paper. I freaked out. Searched for my friends and then realised I was in the wrong class. The whole class was giggling at me.”

“While driving I somehow followed a truck to the construction zone. I don’t know what was I thinking. Got late to work that day.”

“While bathing, I used the conditioner twice instead of shampoo. I realised that when I felt my hair and it was all smooth.”

“I freaked out, outside of a general store, because I thought I lost my wallet. It was underneath my armpit the whole time.”

Image Source: Unsplash