Getzkick has assembled a rundown of motion pictures that are ideal for helping you to take a break from every one of your considerations. They all have their own one of a kind climate that you can appreciate completely all alone — no additional organization required.

#1.The Break-Up


After two years of living together, Brooke and Garry realize that they’re not compatible. The decision to end their relationship initially seems logical and understandable, but then they start to draw out the process of separation. This is a movie that helps you find answers to the eternal question: is it better to be alone or find yourself in a comfortable but hollow relationship?

#2.Love & Friendship


A beautiful young widow, Susan, arrives at the family estate of her deceased husband in order to weather the storm of gossip in high society about her escapades and to work out how to overcome her financial woes. Without wasting time, she decides to find rich husbands for herself and her young daughter. Her course of action turns out to require not only beauty and elegance but also wit, intelligence, and a masterful talent for sewing intrigue.

#3.Begin Again


Greta and Dan are both “former” people. He’s a former legend of show business; she is a former rock star. They meet each other in the heart of New York at the exact moment when they both need to find someone. They have a second chance to change everything, and it seems that Greta and Dan are prepared to take a new direction not only in music but also in matters of the heart.

#4.Blue Valentine


Dean and Cindy have a passion for each other that only people who are truly in love can experience. But eventually their feelings are polluted by grievances, disappointments, and misunderstandings, and their relationship begins to wear them down. Now a very important decision stands before the young couple: to give up or try to revive their relationship.

#5.Sliding Doors


The moment when Helen, a young woman from England, just managed to catch her train turned out to be truly fateful. That is, in one version of reality she made it on time; in a parallel one, she was too late and the doors of the carriage slammed shut in front of her nose. How life went from there, and whether it was a good or bad thing that Helen rushed to get to her destination on that day, is slowly revealed through the vortex of events we observe in this movie.

#6.Miss You Already


Millie and Jess are best friends who’ve known each other almost their entire lives. Now that they’re just over 40, the strength of their relationship is about to be challenged when Millie falls seriously ill.

#7.How to Be Single


Ellis, tired of her relationship with her boyfriend, wants to be alone, and so she leaves him behind to go live with her older sister Meg. She finds a new job and a new friend, Robin, a lover of nighttime partying. Ellis dives headfirst into this new, free, crazy way of life, while at the same time tries to work out what exactly it is that she wants out of this world.

#8.Revolutionary Road


Frank and April believe their family is different from all the others. The ordinary middle-class lifestyle isn’t for them. This thought, which for many years hasn’t allowed them to rest, one day forces the couple to take a bold decision: they drop everything and move to Paris with their children. But are they truly ready to trade the stability and comfort of the American middle class for an uncertain future in a foreign country?

#9.The Diary of a Teenage Girl


This is the story of a teenage girl living in San Francisco in the 1970s who has an affair with her mother’s boyfriend. A tough and complex film that will leave you with a lot of food for thought.

#10.In Her Shoes


The title of this movie reflects the fact that the main character, Maggie, loves the shoes of her older sister, Rose. She borrows them from her on a constant basis. Then one day Maggie switches from wanting her sister’s shoes to desiring her potential suitors and draws Rose’s boyfriend to her bed. Maggie then moves out, and the lives of both girls take an interesting turn once they part ways.

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