In this whole world we have so many desirable things that we wish we can afforded. But in this world, we also have Some Epic and least desirable things that are really very expensive and their price surely roll your eyes.

Here are 10 such things that you might never be able to afford in this lifetime, and if you’re able to afford, you might not see the value in the price tag. Let’s see what they are

1. Crystal Piano- $3.22 Million


2. Dead Shark- 12 Million USD


3.Gold-plated Bugatti Veyron- 10 Million USD

4. Rhein II(Photograph)- $4.3 Million USD

5. Diamond Panther Bracelet- $12.4 Million

6. Huia Bird Feather- $10,000

7. The Perfect Pink Diamond- 23 Million USD

8. The Card Players (painting)-$23 Million 

9. 1963 Ferrari GTO- 52 Million USD

10. Parking spot Manhattan- 1 Million USD