In some cases a child utilizes his imaginative personality to make things which can rouse individuals for a really long time. Till now you’ve seen plays games the world troll their educators with unimaginably witty replies in their exams. You’ve seen educators answer with similarly great rebounds. Also now, perceive how Indian understudies unleash their Fun on their clueless instructors.


Interesting things which students says in exams

  • Nakal ke liye akal chahiye hoti hai.
  • There’s not at all like an educational time sentiment.
  • This one true epic.
  • A commitment from our Kindergarteners.
  • Here’s an alternate enthusiastic Yash Raj Fan.
  • This child must have begun staring at the television in the wake of perusing the initial couple of lines in his journal.
  • That being said, that is one approach to toss some light on things.
  • This child is the Indian Steven Spielberg. Clearly, Kalpana Chawla floated like Vin Diesel.
  • Presently this child is presumptuous as damnation.
  • This Math educator had a pleasant rebound.

Reasons of cheating

  • Cheating in the digital age happens for a few important reasons. Nowadays, everything we need is right there on the internet, but instead of thinking for themselves, some kids just search online for information.
  • Feeling pressure to do well in school is a big reason why some students cheat. Another reason is running out of time.
  • Some students spend too much time playing or doing other things and end up with no choice but to cheat.
  • Not finding a topic interesting is also a reason why some students cheat on their assignments


In conclusion, the powerful combination of boredom and desperation in students has proven to be an unparalleled source of creativity. As witnessed globally, students have entertained us with clever responses to exams, eliciting equally impressive comebacks from their teachers. Now, behold the ingenuity as Indian students unleash their wit on unsuspecting teachers. The era of student humor continues to flourish.

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