10 Cartoon Characters We Wished To Be In Real Life!

Cartoons have been indispensable parts of our childhood. We dreamt cartoons, we wished to be like them, we wanted to have their superpowers and what not we wished regarding them when we were kids. Even today when we look at some cartoon characters our childhood memories’ reminiscent fill us with sweet recall. Here I bring 10 cartoon characters that we always wanted to be in our real life. Have a look!

1)Richie from Richie Rich

Video Source: Youtube

Richie’s money always made his life comfortable and joyful and we always wondered to live a lavish life which he lived on screen. Not only him, we also wished to have his housekeeper to make all our work done within seconds. Richie Rich was also that cartoon character who gave many of us impetus to study more and become rich like him. Whatsay!

2) Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls 

Video Source: Youtube

These three little girls were the very first female superheroines that girls came to know! Girls loved the way they thrashed villains and opponents who were multiple times larger than them in size. At some point in time every girl wanted to deal with their rivals in the way powerpuff girls dealt with trouble makers.

3) Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory

Video Source: Youtube

This little genius was one of the inspirations who made many want to be a scientist. His crazy experiments and hidden laboratory made chemicals and science an intriguing factor in our lives and made us want to be like him.

4)Spiderman from Spiderman

Video Source: Youtube

Throwing web and jumping off rooftops was the only desire of children when Spiderman series were rage. Every boy in our neighbourhood imagined himself throwing webs and jumping from one building to another thereby saving the world in his own head. Was not it?

5)The mask man from The Mask

Video Source: Youtube

He was that mischievous guy who did save good from evil but did not leave any stone unturned to have fun. He entertained us in a manner that left us in splits! Every sweet and simple guy always wanted to have a mask through which he could give out his hidden mischievous trait.

6)Aish from Pokemon

Video Source: Youtube

Aish was that cartoon character who never had superpowers himself but he always had powerpacked pokemones to solve his problems. Whenever he was in trouble, he rotated his balls, selected his suitable pokemon and got rid of troubles and trouble makers. His dressing sense was also one factor who made us mire and more to become like him.

7) Ben from Ben 10

Video Source: Youtube

A stylish teenage guy whose wrist watch did most of his work. He was that brainy and adventurous kid who made children buy their bags, bottles, pencil boxes and lots of other things with the print of his name.

8)Phineas from Phineas and Ferb

Video Source: Youtube

This was a very relatable character to the kids who had elder sisters. He enjoyed his summer vacations in productive manners carrying big projects. His sister always wanted to show her parents about what his brother was upto eith his friends but never got successful. No matter fineas was small, he and his big projects made many kids do something big during their holidays.

9)Popeye from Popeye The Sailor Man

Video Source: Youtube

Who would not want to gain instant power by eating spinach like Popeye did?  Popoye was the cartoon character who made children eat spinach. His fighting and stamina were the part which children wished they could have to teach the bad guys a good lesson.

10) Tweety from Sylvester And Tweety Mysteries

Video Source: Youtube

The cutest of all cartoon characters and adored by everyone. Not children but the adults also wanted children as cute as tweety who never created problems but helped her grandma to do her chores.