you fed up of this question?

Don’t stress, start enjoying this and reply in a Badass manner.

Here are 10 replies of the question “Beta shaadi kab kar rahe ho”.

1. Oh I got married last week, didn’t mom invite you?

2. In next life, when I’ll be a unicorn.

3. I have ordered a fiance from Norway, as soon as the package arrives.

4. When Jon Snow will become the king of westeros, King in the North!

5. I don’t like people, I’ll marry myself, and will not invite anyone because I don’t like people.

6. When is your funeral?

7. I want to get pregnant first.

8. June 2018 in Neverland.

9. I don’t know, when will you?

10. When Chandler comes to real life.

Shut those aunties and relatives with these replies.

Image Courtesy : Giphy